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GoMap WEB is a preconfigured geospatial software that allows organizations to exchange their municipality's or MRC’s georeferenced data on an intranet or the Internet. Entirely developed on a Web platform, it only requires a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) but no software installation on user's work stations. This solution, based on MapGuide technologies (Open Source and Enterprise1) and GoMap, is developed in Quebec, is flexible and enables connection to geospatial data from any GIS platform (Esri, MapInfo, Autodesk, Bentley). 

GoMap WEB is a portal through wich municipal data stored in a database system can be displayed in relation with geospatial features. A query and search module is available to explore your data wich can be queried using through different types of operators. Complex queries are also possible. The results can be exported in a format such as .xls, .shp, .csv, .xml or as a report.

GoMap WEB enables user to view:

Urban planning and assessment (MAMROT’s integrated data dictionary)
  • Graphic register and cadastre
  • Assessment roll index card
  • Zoning and usage and norms grid inquiry
  • Flood zones
  • Electoral districts
  • All other zones and georeferenced objects
Infrastructures (Attribute and geospatial information)
  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Street and roadway
  • Lighting
  • Street furniture
  • Other municipal infrastructure layers

Permits information 
  • Permit location
  • Permit type, dates, etc.

GoMap WEB mobile

GoMap WEB also has a mobile interface supported on the following browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer. Like the standard GoMap WEB interface, the mobile interface is accessible via a URL that does not require a plug-in or Java component. You do not need to download and update an application on your mobile device. Developed through the "responsive" website model, the mobile interface will be adjusted according to the type of device used (Desktop, tablet, smartphone) allowing field teams to quickly access information on their Mobile device.

GoMap WEB has a Web based Studio console that allows administrators to determine the data source location in order to establish the format as well as configure modules and security.

As an administrator, you can choose the type of security you wish to set for users accessing GoMap WEB. It can be linked to Window’s LDAP, to a users table in the data base system where you can set the permissions for users and groups.

Security levels can also be applied to geospatial layers and on attribute information from the data base system (displayed, in searches, queries, the map and on reports).

1 Mapguide Enterprise is a registered trademark of Autodesk.





Safe Software

FME Solutions

In terms of connectivity, the FME interface eliminates data silos and you will be able to move them more easily. You will be able to transform your data, using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify your information exaclty for your needs. Moreover, you will save time by turning manual tasks into repeatable workflows, so your workflows will be automated.


Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.
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Geomap GIS America is pleased to announce its first participation in the ARMA Canada Conference from June 3 to 5, 2019!
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