Qebsys.LEED is a collaborative online LEED® professional management tool that enhances collective intelligence to bring value with LEED®


Qebsys.LEED simplifies your missions and saves your time at every step of your LEED® building project (Programming, Design, Building).




  • Qebsys.LEED allows project teams to easily communicate, track and manage LEED® project information.
  • Designed and developed by LEED® professionals, Qebsys.LEED is the most powerful and ergonomic solution in order to get the LEED® certification.
  • Whether you're managing one LEED® project or hundreds, Qebsys.LEED will help you to successfully manage and track project information and coordinate large teams of people.
  • Qebsys.LEED is designed to be used by everyone in charge of the onerous task of managing a complex LEED project - architects, engineers, owners, developers, sustainability consultants...

Mean features :

  • Qebsys.LEED quickly and easily suggests the profile of the building according LEED® requirements.
  • Target list with scored card (automatic calculation of the credits).
  • Project scheduling (interactive Gantt diagram).
  • Sustainability targets profiling (creation of the most accurate action plan according to LEED® requirements and wanted level of certification).
  • Follow-up of the Environmental Actions Plan according to LEED® requirements.
  • Transformation of the Environmental Actions Plan into Batches and Materials. Qebsys allows you to select the “master Spec” and make technical choices for the materials
    according LEED® requirements.
  • Detection and management of the deviations, including the follow-up of
    the corrective actions (Actions tracking & “request for deviation’s correction”).
  • Easy collection and storage of the accurate vouchers (certificates that justify credits).
  • Real time projects status advancement.
  • Action Plan Statement (different reports in PDF, XLS or DOC files)
  • Compilation of submittal documentations.
  • Optional module for calculating credits related to materials: IEQ 4.1 to 4.4, MR4, MR5, MR6 and MR7



Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.






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Vision Géomatique 2017

Vision Géomatique 2017

Venez discuter de la géomatique appliquée au domaine Municipal et dans le cadre de la gestion d'un réseau de distribution électrique.

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