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GEOMAP received the mandate to develop an application to manage the environmental emergencies for the area of Quebec and also a profile to manage Saint-Laurent River’s shell zones.

The GIS application software is based on Autodesk’s MapGuide and GEOMAP GIS. GENIE was a geomatics desktop application based on MapInfo used to manage environmental emergencies and data exchange through File Transfer Protocol. The software’s objective was to:
  • Ease the cooperation between the interveners when there is an environmental emergency
  • Coordinate the relevant actions to provide an efficient action plan

GEOMAP was the commissioned to plan, develop and implement the new Web system that would replace GENIE and would be used to manage environmental emergencies. The system enables the interveners from different organisations to share the data in real time, optimize the decision making process and revamp the effectiveness to the emergency’s action plan. The system is now used by Ontario and Quebec’s governments. It permits cartographic data publishing, creation, deletion, and entity modification (incidents, buildings, routes, dispersion model, etc.), generating reports, spatial data analysis, document insertion and much more. The systems is available on Environnement Canada’s intranet and also through the extranet. It is possible to protect GEOMAP GIS with a security module that would necessitate a user name and a password in order to have access the software application.





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In terms of connectivity, the FME interface eliminates data silos and you will be able to move them more easily. You will be able to transform your data, using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify your information exaclty for your needs. Moreover, you will save time by turning manual tasks into repeatable workflows, so your workflows will be automated.


Long-time M-Files partner, Geomap GIS America, not only moves to Gold Level status, but augments its solution offerings by becoming an Authorized Service Partner.
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ARMA Canada 2019

Geomap GIS America is pleased to announce its first participation in the ARMA Canada Conference from June 3 to 5, 2019!
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